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Statistics is the study of collection, interpretation, analysis, presentation and organization of data. With the help of statistics, the complex phenomenon can be made simpler. Statistics helps in research and gathering data. Data collected can represent in the forms of graphs, diagrams, tables, tally, pie charts, etc. It is now used and misused in making informed decisions in all areas of business and government. Statistics has now become an integral part of the multitude of academic discipline. In applying statistics to e.g., a scientific, social or industrial problem, it is conventional, to begin with, a statistical; population process to be studied. It is studied in various other branches such as medicines, biology, sports, marketing, weather forecasting, law firms, financial enterprises, psychology, business, and economics. Statistical data is collected by sample survey, investigation, interviews, census, experiment, observational study, resources, questionnaire, field study, testing, experimenting, etc. Statistics in our day to day life also. With the help of statistics weather forecast, medical studies, emergency preparedness, predicting disease, genetics, political campaigns insurance, genetics, the stock market, quality testing, consumer goods can be easily studied. Now, statistics holds a central position in almost every industry like trade, commerce, economics, etc. So, the applicability of statistic is very wide. Statistics is, however, considered to be the difficult subject by students. The statistical measure includes mathematics calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, which is neglected by students who lacks interest in Maths. Students only focus on theories of statistics. Statistics is not a theoretical subject it is a practical subject too. Its needs practice unlike, English, Hindi, S.S.T., History, and Geography. Students are often not able to collect data, prepare graphs, diagrams, tables, pie charts, etc. Students fail to apply statistics in their real-life, due to which they lack keen interest in their studies. Guidance is also needed by students to complete their homework.
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