Have you been wondering why your examiner is always giving you the lowest marks in the essays submitted? Has the thought that maybe you are fitting the content to the wrong context crossed your mind? If yes then you are right because the silliest mistake that the students commit in the course of essay writing is that of being ignorant to the essays types that exist. However, there is no need to worry because the sites like essaywritingservice can come to your rescue. Before you give up on your essay there are certain things that can give you some closure and make you aware of the type of essay that you should instruct the dissertation writing service providers to write, and that is familiarizing yourself with the types of essay:

  • Narrative essay: The narrative essay is similar to the art of storytelling and as the name it can be easily comprehended that the writer of the essay is the narrator whose job is to tell an incident or a story like an author of the novel to the readers.
  • Persuasive essay: If you want the readers on your side and make them agree with the same point of view that you have regarding the subject then writing a persuasive essay will be the key to that subject. However, one thing to keep in mind while writing this essay is that rather than stating your opinion straight forward, try and prove that perspective by giving arguments, analyzing the points and then drawing conclusions.
  • Descriptive essay: the descriptive essay is the kind of essay for which the writers opts when he or she wants to give a detailed explanation or the description of the events, places, things or humans to the readers. This act of writing is similar to that of defining the things in absolute details.
  • Expository essay: The context of the expository essay does not have any place for any information that is not a fact. This type of essay is the true from of essay and is one of the most commonly used forms of essay writing. There is no space for exaggeration or digression.

If you do not have the time on your hands or lack trust on your abilities of writing then rather than sitting with a pen and starring at a blank sheet of paper, the better and the productive thing to do will be search for the best of the best essay writing service available on the virtual platform and transforming the writing burden to the shoulders of their experts. So, whatever the casesmaybe for not writing the essay know that there are writing service providers of various kinds whose sole purpose is to help students like you excel academically by writing an exceptional essay for submission.


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