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Accounting is an art of recording, classifying, and summarising the records and interpreting the results in major accounting books such as bookkeeping, ledgers, journals, purchase book, cash book, pass book, sales books, trading account, profit and loss account, balance sheet, etc. the accounting system is used to maintain records for all business, whether it is a multinational or a small business. To account for something means to keep a record of something in your business by using the accounting systems. Accounts include assets, liabilities, debtor, creditors, sales, purchase, revenues, expenditure, goodwill, reputation, cash, bank, incomes, etc. Accounting records all the transactions of the activities whether small or large term activity. Also, accounting is very useful in the home a personal finance. Accounting is also known as the “language of business” which measures the growth of business and conveys the information to shareholders, investors, creditors, debtors, etc. accounting users can be internal and external. Internal factors of accounts are managers, owners, employees, entrepreneurs, etc. likewise, external factors includes, tax authority, creditors, investors, tax authorities, regulatory bodies, customers. It allows the company to analyze the financial growth of the business and profit and loss of the business. No economic activity can be worked without accounting. Accounts as a subject seem to be monotonous for students. Accounting involves solving of question which is lengthy and time taking. Sometimes a silly mistake in a solution leads to a blunder in solving accounts problems. Students feel clumsy, inefficient or impotent in recording transactions. This is because accounting principles are not understood by the students. Poor management of time is also the cause of non-competence of homework. Also, lack of interest in the topic makes students suffers in solving an even problem. Students do not attention in the subject taught in class which has a diverse effect on the basic concepts of accounts. The account is a confusing subject for students. A student confuses about to debit and what to credit. Students lack behind in accounts due to lack of knowledge about basic concepts, methods, principles of accounts, theories, practical knowledge, etc. For guiding and making you understand what accounting is, what is the purpose of accounting, why accounts are made, why to keep the record of transactions, and what is the use of accounting in our day to day life we recommend to take advice from our accounting professionals? They are professionals and experts holding an experience of several years. We guide college and school students with the best service in accounting homework help. You can find an expert panel of accounting tutors. Our tutors will not only help you in accounting homework, they will assist you in principles of accounting, advanced accounting, intermediate accounting, financial accounting, coast accounting etc. you just send your accounting queries, assignments, problems to us. Our tutors are available to work round the clock (24/7) with the highest quality of accounting solutions. It is now very easy for accounting students to get detailed and logical solutions of accounting assignments or problems at a very reasonable cost and within a deadline. Our expert accounting tutors deliver excellent accounting help services to you.


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